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Badaccessoires, Kulturtaschen und Kosmetikzubehörartikel

We define ourselves for over 30 years as an innovative and quality-conscious partner of trade.

​For over 30 years Soapland has been acting as an innovative and quality-conscious partner of trade.

We gladly devote ourselves to developing and designing new cosmetic accessories. Soapland supplies companies in the line of drugstores, perfumeries and warehouses with both our own brand and trademarked products.

Products of our brands „Manòu“, „Manòu Kids“, and „PfmEN” have been successful components of Soapland‘s collections for many years. As an importer on demand in a product category with high competition pressure on our customers, the price level undeniably constitutes a crucial quality characteristic.

Furthermore, we represent the junction between producing countries with comparatively low quality awareness and the demanding, European sales markets.

As a result, we consider ourselves an intermediary between demands, requirements as well as legal guidelines. One of Soapland‘s

secrets of success is certainly based on our willingness to innovate, our joy in pursuing new ideas, our pronounced sense of quality and our utmost care in all areas.

This is why we employ a ISO 9001 certified quality management system and, in addition, since 2015 a certificate of IFS-Broker-standard for the area of trademarked products.

Since 2013 we have been drawing our energy from environmentally friendly sources. This way, we avoid 142.18 tons of attributable CO2 emissions every year. The energy Soapland uses does not stem from nuclear, coal or oil power plants, is 100% climate-neutral and therefore does not pollute the environment.

Soapland Firmensitz Andernach
Badaccessoires, Kulturtaschen und Kosmetikzubehörartikel
Soapland Firmensitz in Andernach
Soapland Firmensitz in Andernach